Four page brochure transformed from English to Arabic. The layout was reversed to read right-to-left. Worked with linguist and Project Manager to ensure the culture of the language was kept. This is one project of a very large campaign for Capitol Visitors Center (CVC), done in six languages. Was given CVC branding guide to ensure standards were met when files were altered for the various languages.

Media Law report. This 39 page report was transformed from English to Dari. Using special software, I restructured the document to read right-to-left. Working together with linguists, I ensured that the translated copy fit into the layout perfectly, even with the strict formatting of justified and flush baseline text. To avoid font issues at press, the text was outlined for the final packaging and delivery. This particular document was transformed into 3 different languages. Government Contract.

Brochure for U.S. Botanic Garden transformed from English to five different languages, including Arabic. Japanese file shown. Maps and images transformed using Illustrator. Project updated on a semi-regular basis.


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