PowerPoint presentation cleaned-up and made to corporate standards with some animation implemented for a top executive. Presentation done with the theory that “less–is–more” allowing the presenter to discuss the main points, not forcing the viewer to read everything. Presentation was 26 slides.

PowerPoint presentation for top executive. Used limited animation and mostly images so the speaker had the undivided attention of the audience not forced to read a lot of text. PowerPoint was edited with corporate standard branding and styling added. 58 slides.

One of three different reports updated on an annual basis using PowerPoint. The reports gave the results of radio listeners habits based on music format. Graphs and charts were updated and created using Excel. The report shown is over 76 pages with 17 different formats and other overall data. Producing all four reports was my annual project for over five years at Arbitron Inc. Reports were printed and uploaded as an interactive PDF.


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